Jacket Type Instulations - Valve Jackets



Valve jackets are most preffered products for energy efficiency projects. General purpose is to minimize the heat loss for hot process line sand heat gain, condensation control for cold processlines. Valve jacket sare used forvalfes, fitting sand installationgroups. (valves, flanges, strainers, steamtraps, expansionjoints, pipes) For general purposes, jacketfabric is made of glass fiber withsilicon. Suchfabric can standupto 230 Co. Fabricmaterial can be selectedupto 1000 C according to application. Thermal insulation material used in jacket changes with respect to temperature and application purpose. For hot process lines where the weight, thickness, waterabsorption of thejacketmust be lowandlong service life is desired, AspenAerogels- Pyrogel XT is used. Pyrogel XT materialwithstands 650 C. Apart frompyrogel XT as thermalinsulation, needledglass fiber, wiredrockwoolareusedforjacketmaterial. Forcoldprocesslinestodecreaseheatgainandpreventcondensation, AspenAerogels- Cryogel Z withvaporbarrier is used.

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