Insulation Materials - Elastomeric Rubber Foam


Elastromeric rubber foam is flexible closed cell synthetic heat and condensation control insulation material. It can be produce in the form of plate, roll and prefabric pipe for necessary thickneses. Prefabric pipe forms commonly used for climate, heating and cooling systems installments.Plate formsa ar efor general use and commonly it is being used fora ir conditioning systems.





  Working Temperature Density Thermal Conductivity
Pipes – 40 °C + 116 °C 50-70 kg/m3 ( 20°C ) 0,037 W/mK
Plates and Rolls -40 °C + 85 °C 50-70 kg/m3 ( 20°C ) 0,037 W/mK

Technical Properties

  • Thermal conductivity value (0°C’de) λ ≤ 0,037 W/mK’dir.
  • Water steam diffusion resistant µ ≥ 5000 ve µ ≥ 7000’dir.
  • Usage temperature interval -50/+105°C, for plates -50/+85°C.
  • Flexible and resistant to mold

Usage Areas

  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Mechanical Installation Projects
  • Ventilation duct

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