Insulation Materials - Aspen Aerogels

Spending the energy with maximum efficiency is a must according to standards (ISO 50001) and regulations. As energy is getting expensive everyday. It is possible to save maximum energy with AspenAerogels products that gives service for temperature interval of -250 C to 650 C.Aspen Aerogels Ürün Sıcaklık Diyagramı

Aspen Aerogels Products;

  • Pyrogel XT / XTF
  • Cryogel X201
  • Pyrogel 2250
  • Spaceloft

Aspen Aerogels Ürünler


Properties of Aspen Aerogels

  • Hydrofobic
  • 2mm, 5mm and 10 mm thickness and flexible
  • Lowest thermal condutitivy according to traditional insulation materials
  • – 200 to 650 C service temperature
  • Roll form and can be cutted easily
  • Can be stocked for 20 years

Usage Areass of Aspen Aerogels

  • Rafinery and petrochemical industry
  • Steam, Hot oil lines,
  • Defence Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Pre-insulated flexible hoses
  • LNG Tank and pipelines
  • Autumotive, electronic, OEM

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