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Anadolusan was found in 2010, in order to share its “Technical Information” and “ Know-How Experience” combining with labour force with its customers in the Industry. ANADOLUSAN have specialized in Industrial insulation, painting and scaffollding Works. And in a very short time ANADOLUSAN became bussines partner in recent and future industrial projects of its customers.

With its young and dynamic team ANADOLUSAN finished lots of projects in domestic and abroad. Besides Turkey as a working field ANADOLUSAN is focusing and working in Middle East countries, Russia and Europe.

With its young and dynamic team in order to upgrade its technical Infofmation and Know-How Experience ANADOLUSAN following global innovations and inventions about mechanical industry. By doing this ANADOLUSAN aims to submit innovative solutions to its customers for their current and future projects.

The one of the goal of Anadolusan is to make contribution to our country and world economy and to create job opportunities in the area of mechanical installation renewable energy techologies and Composite, Technological materials by producing projetcs about these. The main goal of Anadolusan is “Being Part Of The Solution” by presenting its pre-sale and after-sale activities with the experience gained from the industry.

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