Industrial Insulation

Mechanical insulation is very important investment according to energy effficiency, process safety and HSE regqirements of the facilities. While making this investment the design and the engineering of the insulation system is very important. As long as the facility continue its process, energy saving will be done. ANADOLUSAN Engineering show cases its technical knowledge and infrastructure in industrial insulation applications, contracts, and procurement of materials as well.  It has completed successfully many turn key insulation projects in various important sectors such as petro-chemistry, textile, food, packaging, and energy withit squalified, specialist staff.


The aim of thermal insulation in hot service to maintain the process safety and decreasing the energy lost for energy efficiency. For hot service insulation according to process temperature and ambient conditions, Wired mat mineral wool, preformed mineral wool, glass wool, ceramic fiber blanket, needled mat glass fiber, calcium silicate, foamglas flexible aerogel blanket etc. can be used. The hot service applications mainly implemented in Thernal Power plants, Petro-chemical facilities, Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP), Geothermal power plants, and steam and hot oil using factories turbine, stack, storage tank, boilers and pipe lines systems.


The main aim of cold service insulation is to maintain process safety and min. Temperature increase from inlet to outlet line. In cold and cryogenic service insulations engineering and desgin is mcuh more important. The insulation thickness, vapor barrier materials and finishings of the insulation must be designed perfectly. For cold and cryogenic service insulation according to  process temperature and ambient conditions Elasotmeric foam, PUR/PIR, Foamglas, Cryogenic Aerogel Blanket etc. can be used. The cold and cryogenic service applications mainly implemented in Petro-chemical facilities, LNG Facilities, Oxygen Seperation facilities, Fertilizer facilities and food and beverages facilites.


               Removable insulation covers mainly used in fittings of the pipelines like valve, flanges, heat expansion joints etc. that needs to make maintanance periodicly. Besides this also turbine surfaces, auttomotive, marine and defence industry uses this removable insulation covers a lot.

               As ANADOLUSAN we are able to manufacture removable insulation covers for hot service, cold service and sound protection for any geometry of surfaces.

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